Have you ever heard of the proverbs; “judging a Book By Its Cover” and “Morning Shows the Day”?

Well, that is what happens with your Website copy. Every website owner is mostly known to the term “Copywriting”. However, Alas! Very few of them see the worth of a good copy.

A good copy? What is that?

A good copy is what, the audience can relate. It’s not about the company, or the products, or the services, but it is about the consumers’ view of the company.

Your website copy must show your consumers why it’s worth their time to be on your Website.

The common mistakes most of the brands make, while picking up the utmost suitable copywriter:

It’s not a one-size-fits-all concept. There are many copywriters in the market.

Let me rephrase it!

There are ample of copywriters in the market.

The most strange thing you can notice among all the writers is the writing style- No one is like another. However, again, you need to get the best copywriter for your copy.

The best copy is not the cost-effective copy or the copy you have purchased from the most branded writer in LinkedIn, Freelancer or Fiverr. Then what is it?

Getting the best copywriter for your business is like getting the best car for yourself. When your best friend might like Audi for the features it has, you can find Mercedes to be more comfortable for yourself.

That is precisely where the difference lies.

Now if you have hired a much professional, suitable and experienced writer for your Website copy and sitting back at home and relaxing, then stop!

Your real work starts after hiring a writer to write your Website copy.

So, before you know what a good copywriter looks like, or who can be the best fit copywriter for your business, let me tell you, what it needs to create the best copy for your business.


It’s not like watching a French movie with English Subtitles, as you read, speak and understand English only.

You can’t expect your audience to understand the rest, observing the body language or emotions. Thus, you have to be very clear about your business goals, offerings, and what are the information you need to share in your Website copy.

Image by Gerd Altmaan

The best way to make your thoughts and ideas understandable, you need to create bullet points for everything and provide them to your writer.

It requires an in-depth understanding of the business and the niche, and what you need to write in your Website copy, for your writer to create a super awesome website copy.

If you aim at carrying reliable information, your copy must reflect enough research about the domain of your business.

Brand Image:

It is your content, which interacts with your audiences, way before you can get a chance to do so.

Brand building is the prime focus and the constant one till the end of the time. Thus, your copy must look branded. A branded copy is easy to read, enjoyable, engaging and worth to be remembered.

Image by William Iven

You can’t write a novel over your Website to demonstrate your business goals and details. Instead, you must be to the point, yet not sounding like you are selling your business.

The tone, language, vocabulary, images- everything must be balanced to make the perfect copy for your Website.

To have an excellent copy, you must make your writer understand the basics like, who are your target audience, countries, age groups, genders and other demographics and psychographics.

Creating Value:

As I mentioned earlier, you can’t go straightforwardly to your audience to sell something. You can’t flood your Website with “BUY NOW” buttons on every page.

This is 2019, and the consumers hold knowledge about many things. When they understand the Pros of your business, they can compare your cons with your competitors too.

Image by Tumisu

Your content must serve a purpose to your audience to stay hooked to your Website.

Your copy must reflect insights and trustworthy information that can encourage your audience to take necessary action.

Differentiate the purposes of each of your website page.

Where About Us is informative and carries information about the company and the owners, the “Portfolio” page must contain the milestones achieved so far, and the “Products” page must have nothing but the intention to sell.

Target Audience:

Copywriting doesn’t only mean to be website content. It’s every public or advertising content that is for your audience form your company.

There are white papers, Outdoor Marketing and Advertising collaterals, Social media posts, Newspaper advertising etc.

Basically, every material that aims to increase awareness about your business among your audience is a copywriting.

When creating your website copy, you need to be very specific with the fact that your website copy must be interacting with your audience.

The copy must not be similar to a white paper to be formal and lengthier, neither too casual and short like an advertisement tagline.

An experienced copywriter knows how to write for different types of audiences.


Your Website is the first and the last impression in the mind of your visitors (say audience). Thus, your Website can either make it or break it.

You can never overinvest in your Website copy. An excellent copy is the best ROI to augment your business.

Hi, I am Snigdha, a B2B professional writer. I believe in creating content that makes people take action. I use my expert knowledge and skills and of course, my personal and professional experience to create content that does the talking for your business. My speciality is copywriting, but I also enjoy blogging and other jobs that include writing, writing and writing. A writer by night and a reader by the day I enjoy my life and live the whole of it. Humming my favourite tune is a job I do more often. I love working with WordPress and love to write content that needs to have in-depth research. I am a bit more expressive. Thus poetry is a leisure-time job. Check my portfolio right here and Check my blogs right here:

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